About truetruth.one

The concern of this website is ‚true truth‘. This term is borrowed from the late Christian apologist Francis A. Schaeffer, one of my intellectual heroes.

Of course, it is a truism that truth must be true. Still, there are, in my view, three senses in which it is legitimate to speak of ‚true truth‘:

  1. True truth is distinct from mere system-related truth in that it proves itself true in the roughness of reality. For example, New Agers believe their claims and impressions to be true, and they often form a coherent picture, but it is doubtful that they pass the test of real, rough, everyday life. This is roughly the sense in which Schaeffer used the term.
  2. True truth must be gained by truthful means. This reflects in some way the standard epistemological definition of knowledge as ‚true, justified belief‘. A belief may be true, but if it is attained in epistemically unjustified ways (guessing, mutually neutralizing mistakes etc.), it is not true truth one is believing.
  3. True truth goes beyond what is analyzable in rational terms. I believe that some deeds are honorable, although honor is hard to come by in analytic terms; and I also believe that God loves me, the extension of which is rationally graspable, but less so its intension, not to speak of its phenomenal content.

About me

I am a philosopher and scientist (biology and chemistry). More importantly, I am a Christian. I believe in the one who called himself „the truth, the life and the way“ (John 14:6).

Alin Christoph Cucu

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